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While you’re having fun, your drink is hard at work.

Say hello to Lotza 👋, the world’s first all-natural, refreshingly delicious drink mixer with targeted functional benefits.


Look Good

Antioxidant and nourishing agents to keep your skin glowing.

Feel Good

Vitamins and adaptogens to boost your mood and help you de-stress.

Bounce Back

Plants and minerals to hydrate, power alcohol metabolism and support liver function.

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Boosts Mood
Lowers Stress
Supports Your Liver
Helps Next-Day Recovery


What exactly is Lotza?


Lotza is a premium carbonated drink mixer made with real fruit, plants, vitamins, and adaptogens. It's perfectly formulated to not only taste delicious, but help to keep you hydrated, boost your mood, and support next-day recovery after a fun night out.

We use only the highest quality plant-based ingredients and functionals expertly blended to synergistically support our bodies response to stress and toxins.

How do I enjoy Lotza?


Enjoy right out of the can as a mocktail or in a glass over ice with your favorite spirit. (Goes best with vodka or tequila!)

Is there alcohol in Lotza?


No. Lotza is 100% free of alcohol. This makes it especially appealing for those that want to enjoy the taste and health benefits of Lotza without the buzz.